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We have the fastest completion time frames

Convenient Schedules

With hands on training

In school supplies included

For the lowest cost

With licensing application assistance

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Class Schedules

Full Time Day Classes:

Monday - Friday 9am-3pm (minus 30 minute lunch break) plus Saturdays 9am-7pm (minus a 1 hour lunch break)= 36.5 clock hours per week
Approx. 4 weeks 6 days includes hours to recapture lunch breaks (30 days) excluding holidays and weather closures.

Part Time Night Classes: 

Monday - Friday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm plus Saturdays 9am-7pm (minus 1 hour lunch break)= 29 clock hours per week
​Approx. 6 weeks 1 day (37 days) excluding holidays and weather closures

School Notebook


Next Class



Cost of Tuition

Total Tuition Fee $2500  


       -Registration Fee   $150

       -Curriculum            $500

       -Tuition/Instruction $1700 

       -Supply Fee -          $150

Third party/additional fees:
License Fee: Payable on graduation day to the State of Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation of $75 not included in tuition.

A General liability waiver must be signed or present Proof of Insurance must be presented to school prior to start date or no later than two weeks after class starts or can be purchased for $49 from the Insurance tab of our site; pricing may vary..


Requirement to Attend School


  1. Must be at least 16yrs old. No High School Diploma or GED needed. If you are 15yrs old or younger you must be emancipated or have a High School Diploma or GED. If you are younger than 16 and meet these requirements your parent or guardian must sign your application too unless you are emancipated.

  2. Pay applicable fees/tuition. No balances due to school. If someone else is paying for your tuition they must sign your application and submit their identification also.

  3. Complete 180 clock hours. 

  4. You must have a valid picture identification to start class

  5. A Social Security Number is required to apply for your License and to receive a 1098T. We accept F1 students. If you do not have a social apply for one at 

  6. Submit the Initial licensing 4 hr HIV/AIDS Certificate received from this school.

  7. No State exam required. All testing done at this school must pass with a 75% GPA. Testing is done throughout the program. No additional testing required except for renewing your license.

  8. Contact the Department of Business and Professional Regulations (DBPR) directly yourself with questions about their application and criminal background checks. We cannot tell you what they will or will not accept, approve, nor do they provide us with this information. A link to their site is located near the end of our FAQ's on our More Info tab.

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We are positive that our website will answer all of your questions but just in case you have a few new questions we now have live Chat and phone support available to answer your questions Monday -Saturday from 11am -7pm EST. 

If you don't reach a representative, take the time to view the site and watch the video as well as view our school catalog to answer your questions in advance. If you need to contact us you must leave a detailed message explaining exactly what you need to know and someone will respond with the answer to your question.

6501 Arlington Expressway Service Rd

Building B, First Floor, Suite  B105 #241
Jacksonville, FL 32211, USA


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