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DAY & NIGHT AVAILABIE. NO LATE ENROLLMENTS UNLESS PAYING FULL TUITION BALANCE. (Late enrollment is considered any appointment booked within the two weeks before the class start date when a payment plan is needed. Have your downpayment ready to be paid the day you schedule.' 

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What will I Learn?

What all this writing on this page is about?

You must check our website for updates on upcoming classes on the home page. We do not release information about the exact class sizes as there are many determining factors. Pandemic wise, our school's capacity falls within the Governor's mandate for building capacity. In preparation for any quarantine disruptions we can institute an online learning platform so you may continue your education from the comfort of your location for the first 90 hours. The remaining 90 hours you will commute to school in person for your hands on skills under the capacity rules.

When you come to class only one device is allowed to be connected to the wifi. A computer, tablet or cell phone is required to be provided by you.  You must check our site periodically for upcoming classes. No information on upcoming classes will be available by any other means. To clarify, it means you cannot call us and ask us when is the next class going to be posted if it is not on our website. We usually post upcoming classes the weekend of the start of the last posted course.  Please check back periodically for updates. The school catalog does have start dates for the whole year. These dates are anticipated dates which means they are apt to change as long as they are posted on our website 7 days prior to the listed start date. This is why you must check our website for class updates.

Your Registration Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and reserves your seat in class and also serves as your application fee and/or a consultation fee. Consultation/Application/Registration does not guarantee your acceptance in the program.  No walk-ins, be aware that you will be given a business card, directed to our website and turned away so please respect our policies as you will be infringing on others who booked an appointment to reserve their time. We have chat, text, and email assistance available reserved for you.  Appointment are by registration appointments only, we do not give tours, visit our social media pages for virtual tours. If you have questions, we have email and chat support available to answer your questions. Be very detailed about your questions. If you leave your number only and that you have questions about school we may not call you back. Please articulate what you need to know by writing your question in the box.  If a live chat representative pops up while you are on our website and sends you a message that is your opportunity to get real-time answers so take advantage of that. Detailed information about every possible common question you may have is available on every page of our website, we won't deviate or modify outside of what you see posted, conform your personal situations to the schedules, rules and policies herein. Again, Use the online contact us form for answers to any questions or clarification needed and a chat representative will reply as soon as possible as clarification for online inquiries by phone is not always readily available and is not the quickest way to get a response. Registrations are done online on our Registration page where you will schedule an appointment with the Registrar. You have three options to appear. One by phone, by video conference, or in person. By default video conference will be selected. If you wish to appear in person request it in the notes/message/comments area while booking your appointment. If someone referred you add their name in the notes/comments. You will receive an enrollment application to complete by email, check your spam folder.  Simply show up for your appointed time. If you do not appear timely, we will send you a video conference link, email, text, or call you. During the appointment you will discuss scheduling specifics. We do not discuss working out scheduling for non registered students. We advise that you register when you can fit the set schedules that are on our site into your schedule not us fit around your schedule. We also discuss particulars about any possible modifications to payment plans, schedule, and answer any additional questions you may have and give you further instructions.



(If you withdraw from class before completing 40% of the program which is 72 hours your refund will be prorated based on the $1700 tution only. We no longer provide scholarship/sponsorship for tuition adjustments.) 



PERFECT 10 NAIL & TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL, INC. provides useful information about registration and payment plans, scheduling and what you will be learning. For specific queries not covered or clarification contact us directly by sending your questions through the Contact us form. If you need help registering, we added not only written instructions but also a video on the Registration tab to walk you through the registration process.

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The real question is what kind of learner are you? Your ability to retain information and comprehend it depends on How you learn not what is taught to you. Click on the image to the right and take the ADMISSIONS QUIZ.

 The nail industry is not just about beautification. Our theory curriculum covers anatomy and physiology of the body and organs, life skills, bacteria, fungus, viruses, cleaning, sanitation, disinfecting and sterilization, laws and procedures. This specialty course will keep you healthy and help you understand this virus and protect you, your loved ones, your customers and the community as a whole. Your clinical course teaches you the procedures of manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels, wraps, art, encapsulations, 3D, manual and electric filing (drills), how to open your own business, and much more. During your Orientation we will send you out a bunch of emails at 9am to review with instructions in them that need to be completed before 9:30am.  Orientation is always from 9am to 7pm with a one hour lunch break on a Saturday and those 9 hours count towards your 180 clock hour graduation requirements. We will also dive right into our curriculum day one as well.  See our school catalog, Google my business web page, and social media pages for more details. Use the social media icons on our site to take you there. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page before contacting us.

Students collaborating


  • What are the day or night, part-time/full-time Schedules and tuition costs? they are located on the Home page under the section that reads Schedules and Tuition. Give time for the page to load. Please do not call us asking us if we can work around your schedule the answer is No. You work your schedule around ours. 

  • LATE REGISTRATIONS: We do not accept late registrations after a class starts. If you are paying your tuition in full you can register up until the THURSDAY day before class starts. If you need a payment plan you must register no later than 10 DAYS before class start. 

  • I CANNOT make it on orientation day can I make that day up? NO. It is MANDATORY for you to attend. If you cannot then you will be dropped from the program if you are a no show (doors lock at 9:30am ) and you will have to take the next upcoming class and repay a registration fee. If we do allow you in you will not get credit for the missing time. 

  • Is this school hands on? Yes. We provide face to face hands on training in clinicals. This is post secondary education not grade school, when practicing you will work independently and in theory. There are no class monitors. For details on what we teach read the curriculum section above also download our catalog.

  • How do I register? We have posted a video to show you how to register and written instructions on the registration page.  

  • Is the registration fee credited towards my tuition balance? Yes. The registration fee is credited towards your tuition and is non refundable. During this session you will discuss scheduling and payment plans. You have a choice to appear by video conference, in person or by phone. By default it will choose Zoom which is online. If you would like an in person appointment then in the empty box  you can put a note/comment there. You will receive an email with a link to your enrollment application. Registration appointments are set up online only.  Scheduling registration appointments by phone and in person will be coming soon. 

  • If I decide to withdraw prior to school starting can I receive a refund of the registration fee back? No. The  Registration fee is consultation/application fee and is non refundable and non transferable. Please refer to the Refund Policy listed in our catalog. 

  • My schedule will prevent me from attending this term. Can I use the same registration fee and enroll in a different term? 10 days Before class starts yes, Less than 10 days before class starts and after class starts no. You only get one time to transfer your registration.  Send the request in writing by email. 

  • How do I apply for my license? We included a course that walks you through applying for your license at the beginning and at the end of the program.

  • Are there any out of pocket expenses?  $75 fee to the State for your license and insurance. You are responsible for purchasing your PPE personal protection equipment which consists of gloves, masks, safety eyewear, slim dry erase markers, pens and pencils, notebooks,  We will provide you with initial supplies to cover your assignments but if you need more we have more available for purchase. We reserve the right to exclude covering the cost at anytime and changing what we supply with notice. Notice is located on this website as well as in our catalog. 

  • Do you have other locations? No. We have no partnerships, affiliations, umbrellas, or association with other locations or people. If you participate in these unlicensed activity scams and we find your name on our list of licensed applicants we will report you to the DBPR for investigation under fraud and your license will be revoked. We are held harmless for your lack of due diligence or complicity in desiring short cuts to licensing. 

  • Can I make up hours? Yes. They are limited to 10% of the program hours for free. You will prepay a rate of $15 for each additional hour over 18. For situational details refer to the catalog.   

  • Do I need a High School Diploma or GED? No. But you will be required to read out loud and/or participate in group discussions and participate in group collaborations to ensure you have the ability to read and understand the English language good enough to pass the necessary exams. That is why we require you to read our website to test your comprehension skills, due-diligence and critical thinking skills to see if you will be a good candidate for our program. Your work ethics will show up when you ask questions.

  • Is this field for women only? No. Men are welcomed.

  • How Young can I be to attend? 16, if you are  15 and younger you must have a High School Diploma, GED or be emancipated.

  • Are you a transgender school? No. Due to we are in a public building and the building we are in do not have private restrooms.

  • Do you help us find jobs? We provide you with employment resources through our student services as it becomes available. We refer students to join our Facebook group the supply chain.

  • Can I finish the program faster than 4.6 weeks? NO. You must acquire 180 hours at the rate of 36.5 hours per week.

  • What If I finish theory earlier than the other students in my class? Then you wait to start clinicals on your scheduled date. It gives you more free time and to study as midterms and finals are on designated dates. It does not move you towards graduation sooner as start and end dates are set.

  • How will I complete the practical/clinical training during Covid-19 or if I have phobia of people touching me and me touching feet? We are social distancing and capacity complaint for your in person hands on training. We work on each other. Also, you will receive mannequins to work on. If you do not want to touch people even with gloves and don't want people touching and conducting services on you then we are not the school for you. DO NOT APPLY. YOU APPLICATION WILL BE DENIED. (we can accommodate documented verified medical issues by your physician with those specific directives and the authenticity will be verified and final approval by the Director/Registrar so expect to still participate. You can apply when you are able to participate.)

  • What does it mean to be ACCREDITED? Accredited means having to follow rules, standards, common practices and being recognized by peer view organizations required to be recognized by the government to accept funding such as financial aid and grants and let outside organizations restrict what they can do.

  •  How do I pay the remaining balance of my tuition? Go to the shop page of our website and click on tuition balance $2350.

  • Can I come to the school for a tour? No. we do not give in person tours to non registered students but you can take a virtual tour through our social media pages and we give tours during your registration appointment. We are very strict about not accepting walk-ins. If you drop by without an appointment you will be given a business cards and instructed to visit our website or you can book the  consultation in person. Be ready to pay the fee and if you are not prepared to do so you will not be assisted further. Virtual tours are also available on Google

  • What does your social medial pages look like? FaceBook has a Black t-shirt and Instagram  looks just like our website. and tiktok has our school logo. Social media icons are located on our website.

  • I WOULD LIKE TO MEET IN PERSON; Can I come to the school and fill out my enrollment application? Yes, at your appointed time scheduled online you set at the time you registered.

  • Can I drop in on a day or night class for extra hours? Only if you are invited because it is scheduled because of attendance issues. And you have to be behind a certain number of hours to qualify which is discussed during orientation and located in the catalog.

  • How big are your classes? We do not disclose that information as it varies upon enrollment. However we stay within the 25% of our building capacity. The State requires 1 teacher for every 24 students.

  • How late can I register for class? up until the Thursday before the class starts with no payment in full.

  • Do you provide student ID cards so I can purchase from nail supply stores? No. Our responsibility to you has nothing to do with third parties outside of what we offer within our curriculum.  

  • Do I take a State Board examination? No. We administer your tests here at the school.

  • Do I get my license from the school or apply for my license through the school? No. We do not license you. We educate you, train you, and give you a certificate that you have completed the state's requirements to obtain your license. We sign off on your application to approve you to obtain your license. The application can only be authorized by the Director Mrs. Cross only.

  • Are there any other supplies needed that the tuition do not cover? You would need a notebook for notes, writing utensils, internet access at home, a computer, laptop, or tablet with a camera, or mobile device with a data plan, and a mask and a copy of your identification or bring your original one so that a copy can be made. We will provide you with everything you need for your education inside the classroom. If you run out you can purchase more from our store. No outside items allowed. You are responsible for what you desire for at home practice. 

  • NOTICE: We have a strict no bag policy. Only keys and phone and whatever you can fit in your pockets. Leave purses and book bags in your car trunk or leave it at home. Travel light like you are a nurse on the floor. All you need is your phone, keys, and everything else should fit in your pockets. If you cannot obey this rule then we are not the school for you. APPLY SOMEWHERE ELSE. No exceptions. This rule applies to clinicals only. No nail enhancement policy means nothing on your fingernails and toenails. Review the school catalog attire policy before you come or DO NOT APPLY.

  • Do I need a parent or guardian to register me for class if I am under 18? Only if they will be sole financially responsible for your tuition if you are unemployed. In Florida, minors at age 16 can enter agreements for higher education and exempted from the minor disability rule. 743.05FS The promissory notes, contracts, or other instruments so made shall have the same effect as though they were the obligations of persons who were not minors. No such obligation shall be valid if the interest rate on it exceeds the prevailing interest rate for the federal Guaranteed Student Loan Program.

  • How do I know you are a legitimate school? Who governs you? Our license number is located on the bottom of our webpage. When you visit our school all of our credentials are hanging on the wall. Check the dates, agencies, location address, and authorized contact person on the information provided. The Department of Education Commission of Independent Education is our licensing authority. We also are registered with the Secretary of the State of Florida Division of Corporations and the county where we are conducting business. Please feel free to do your own due diligence by contacting these agencies or visiting their websites to search for not only our name but the school's street address location to ensure you are conducting business with a legitimate licensed location in advanced.  Because we do not give tours and our process is preregistration. We have uploaded our credentials on our site through Google when you google our information click on photos.

  • What is does 40% of the program equal to? 72 hours

  • We want to emphasize we do not give you kits or supplies that you take home. We provide you with access to various learning platforms and a certificate that goes home with you. Everything else stays with the school except for other miscellaneous items at our discretion. We are responsible for providing you with what you need during the class schedule we are contracted for and to provide you with the materials need to perform the services we teach on school campus not at home outside of our supervision and instruction. If you would like supplies/kit to take home we have extra supplies for sale that you can purchase for at home use. Your student credentials and access also ends when you graduate from theory. 

  • When is the next enrollment date? Download our catalog for the list of dates they are apt to change so you must check our website periodically or after each class starts for updates. Sometimes we have pop up classes and they are posted in our social media.

  • Flexible scheduling for military and others: We have set schedules. You have plenty of time to plan in advanced and we offer opportunity for make up hours. Use our contact us form for specific scenarios prior to registration.

  • Can I bring my own things that I would like to work with to the school. Yes

  • Why did you change from the 240hr program to the 180hr program? Because that is what the Governor of the State of Florida and the Division of Cosmetology modified the program to. contact them for more details. (Google them)

  • JHA has documents from you  I need to submit. How do I obtain that? Register first. During your appointment we will discuss what is your financial responsibility. When we sent you an invoice during or immediately after your appointment those documents will be attached. You must send us an email with your counselor's email so that we can copy them on the invoice.

  • I would like to see what the school looks like. Follow us on social media and Google us. There are lots of images and videos of our facility and graduates.

  • This is a link to the Licensing agency to answer questions about pre and post licensing questions. What Services Require a DBPR License? –

  • Link to More answers directly from DBPR licensing Authority on issues like Can you work after in a salon after graduating before you receive your license.  Cosmetology – FAQs –

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