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You must check our website and social media pages for updates on upcoming classes. Classes will still resume as scheduled. Class schedules are on the home page. Luckily, our school's capacity falls within the Governor's mandate for building capacity. In preparation for any quarantine disruptions we are instituting a live online learning platform so you may stay on task at the comfort of your location. Internet access is required. A computer, tablet or cell phone is required. These are live classes. You must check our site periodically for upcoming classes. No information on upcoming classes will be available by no other means. Your Registration Fee is non-refundable and reserves your seat in class. No walk-ins, information is available on our website, online contact form, and clarification by phone. Registrations are done online on our Registration page where you will schedule an appointment with the Registrar. You have three options to appear. One by phone, by video conference, or in person. If you wish to appear in person request it in the notes/comments while booking your appointment then simply show up for your appointed time. If you do not appear timely, we will send you a video conference link or call you. During the appointment you will discuss scheduling, financing, and answer any questions you may have.




We have planned to continue your education during this global crisis with remote classes so there is no need to put your future on hold when you can still pursue your profession. Classes are live during regular structured hours. Links will emailed to all participating students 30 minutes prior to the class start to join the class. The nail industry is not just about beautification. Our theory curriculum covers anatomy and physiology of the body and organs, life skills, bacteria, fungus, viruses, cleaning, sanitation, disinfecting and sterilization. This specialty course will keep you healthy and help you understand this virus and protect you, your loved ones, your customers and the community as a whole. Your clinical course teaches you the procedures of manicures, pedicures, acrylics, gels, wraps, art, electric filing (drills), and much more. And all of the other extra goodies we have in store is only for our serious inquiries during your registration appointment only. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page before contacting us.

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FAQ & Answers

  • How do I register? Go to the Book Online page and schedule a 30 minute consultation with the registrar. The registration fee is credited towards your tuition and is non refundable. During this session you will discuss scheduling and payment plans. You have a choice to appear by video conference, in person or by phone.

  • How do I apply for my license? We included a course that walks you through applying for your license before you graduate.

  • Are there any out of pocket expenses? Personal tools such as art brushes and your $75 fee to the State for your license. At this time the HIV/AIDS Certificate is included in the price of the tuition as a courtesy. We reserve the right to exclude covering the cost at anytime with notice.  

  • Do you have other locations? No. We only have 1 location. The address on this official website. We relocated from 6722 Arlington Expy across the street to 6501 Arlington Expy

  • Can I make up hours? Yes.

  • Do I need a High School Diploma? No.

  • Is this field for women only? No.

  • How Young can I be? 16, if you are younger you must have a High School Diploma or GED.

  • Do you have financing available? Yes, if qualified.

  • Do you help us find jobs? We provide you with employment resources.

  • Can I finish the program faster than 6 weeks? You must acquire 240 hours.

  • How will I complete the practical/clinical training during Covid-19? We will have one on one or social distancing complaint tutoring so that you can complete your hands on training. Also, you will receive mannequin fingers, hands and in some cases feet to practice on.

  • What do I need to attend online classes? Reliable internet at home or an Android or IOS mobile device with internet data service. You will receive further instructions for access to platforms after you enroll.

  • Will you accept payment plans? Only prior to the start of class and all fees must be paid prior to or on the start date of class. If you need to make payments after the start of class you must apply for financing. If you are not approved then will make prepaid arrangements for you.

  • Can I register online? Yes. Through the booking page. You will select an appointment date and time in which the Registrar will speak with you by video conference or in person and provide you with your enrollment application to fill out electronically and discuss your education expectations.

  • What does it mean to be ACCREDITED? Accredited means having to follow rules, standards, common practices and being recognized by peer view organizations required to be recognized by the government to accept funding such as financial aid and grants and let outside organizations restrict what they can do.

  • Can I graduate earlier than 6 weeks. No. This is a structured clock hour program not a credit based program. It is not an at your own pace program.

  • What do you mean by online classes? These are live classes with structured hours where your attendance and participation is required. 

  • Payment plan options: We recently learned due to covid-19 financing is no longer available. We have 3 payment options. 1- pay in full. 2- pay 3 installments prior to the start of school. 3- pay 3 installments on a prepaid schedule where some payments can be paid after school starts. Prepaid means you pay for your education in advanced. We will not discuss details about payment plans or arrangements with anyone that has not registered with the school. This taylored information is discussed with serious inquiries at the scheduled appointment you book with the registrar; no exceptions.

  • If I paid online and it only allowed me to pay the registration fee and not anything more am i still subjected to only a total of 3 payments? No. We understand online has restrictions; therefore,  you are entitled to split the remaining balance into 3 installments.

  • I received an invoice and paid the registrations fee only. Am I entitled to break up the balance in 3 payments instead of 2? No. Invoices sent to you allows for the minimum balance to be paid is the registration fee. You are able to pay more than that and your are told so because you have to speak with the registrar in order to receive one. The registration fee is not separate from the tuition it is part of it. Payment plans are for the tuition as a whole. If you think you need more than 2 payments after you pay the registration fee it is best that you go through the website to register instead. To resolve this issue We will no longer send out invoices for registration purposes. All registrations are done through our website.

  • Can I come to the school for a tour? We only provide tours for registered students.

  • Can I come to the school and fill out my enrollment application? Yes, at your appointed time scheduled online you set at the time you register.

  • Can I drop in on a day or night class for extra hours? Only if you are invited because of attendance issues.

  • How big are your classes? We do not disclose that information as it varies upon enrollment.

  • How late can I register for class? Up to the day before class starts. In some cases up to less than one week after class starts. But you have to get approval from the registrar first.

  • Do you provide student ID cards so I can purchase from nail supply stores? No. Our responsibility to you has nothing to do with third parties outside of what we offer within our curriculum. However, we do go on field trips to supply stores. That would be your opportunity to make purchases. You always have the option to make purchases online.

  • I do not like the submission process for online learning. Can I just print it out and complete it and turn it in? No. You must conform. We will tutor you one on one if needed to show you how to make submissions and access the platform if you do not remember after orientation.

  • Are there any other supplies needed that the tuition do not cover? You would need a notebook for notes, writing utensils, internet access, a computer or tablet with a camera, or mobile device with a data plan, and a mask. We will provide you with everything you need for your education inside the classroom. You are responsible for what you desire for at home practice. 

  • Do I need a parent or guardian to register me for class if I am under 18? Only if you are under 16 or they will be sole financially responsible for your tuition if you are unemployed. In Florida, minors at age 16 can enter agreements for higher education and exempted from the minor disability rule. 743.05FS The promissory notes, contracts, or other instruments so made shall have the same effect as though they were the obligations of persons who were not minors. No such obligation shall be valid if the interest rate on it exceeds the prevailing interest rate for the federal Guaranteed Student Loan Program.


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