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Tuition Balance

Do not select if you have not registered for a class yet and booked your registration/consultation appointment. The total tuition is $2500 and the $150 registration fee is deducted from that fee. This balance of 2350 represents that you have followed instructions properly and registered first. In your email you have received a third email with a coupon code in it for $901 to apply towards your invoice to adjust your tution balance to $1449. When you cash out you will see an option from Affirm for 3, 6, 12 month payment plans if you qualify. You must read their website and address any questions about how it works through them directly not us. We only refer you. They will pay us in full for your tuition balance and give you longer terms to pay and offer you post pay options if you qualify. Remember, contact Affirm for details. You will be redirected to their site once you choose their option of payment for services. Remember, you have to actually  "Checkout" and choose Affirm as a payment option in order for it to route you to enter your mobile number and apply. Just clicking the prequalify that gives you the payment option is the wrong area. You must click check out. If you do not qualify screenshot the decision and send it through our contact us form or through the chat option.

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